Locked in Lust - The Vice Standard - Pink

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The Vice Chastity Device is the first and only inescapable chastity device in the world not requiring a PA (Prince Albert) piercing. The Vice is commonly compared with the Holy Trainer; however, The Vice rivals even that of the Holy Trainer male chastity belt in both comfort and security!

The textured design on the inner tabs of the anti-pullouts are the key to its claim of being inescapable. The longer the device is worn, the more secure it becomes. After 2 days of constant wear, it becomes inescapable! The Vice chastity often goes unnoticed when worn, even while wearing the anti-pullout. It can also be worn without the anti-pullout system which is great for beginners.

Standard Cage (1)
Rings (4)
Anti-Pullout (3)
Anti-Pullout Cap (1)
Spacers (4)
Locking Pins (4)
Brass Pad Lock (1)
Velvet Carrying Case (1)

Product Dimensions:

Length 0 mm (2.75 inches)
Width 36-> 34 mm (1.4->1.3 inches Funnel Shape Design)

Small 40 mm
Medium 44 mm
Large 46.5 mm
X-Large 48.5 mm

Anti-Pullout Gap
Small 17 mm
Medium 19 mm
Large 21 mm
Pullout Cap Wear the device without any anti-pullout

Locking Pin/Spacers (distance of ring from cage)
Small 6.5 mm
Medium 10 mm
Large 13 mm
X-Large 15 mm