Let's talk about sex, bb!

Jellywink SexEd workshops aim to empower you to take your pleasure and wellness into your own hands. Jellywink staff and other subject experts will guide you through a variety of topics within the big, juicy, wonderful world of sexual wellness! Due to the coronavirus pandemic all workshops are currently online. 

A ticket always includes a $5 store credit, valid for one week from date of workshop! Please register to attend.

Upcoming Workshops  

Monday Dec 13th 6-7 pm

Self-Pleasure as Self-Empowerment  

Join Jellywink owner Erin (she/her) to discuss the transformative power of self-exploration, self-pleasure, and self-love, as a way of connecting or reconnecting to one’s sexuality and body autonomy. Learn ways to take your pleasure (literally) into your own hands, maximize pleasure, and communicate desires with partners. This is a trauma-informed workshop for single & partnered folks alike. Register here

Monday Jan 10th 6-7 pm

Sex & Neurodivergence: Navigating Pleasure with ADHD & Sensory Sensitivity  

Being easily distracted - by sounds, temperature, light, smells, thoughts, etc. - doesn’t just affect one’s ability to complete tasks - it can also impact our ability to stay present and aroused during solo and partner sex.

Join Jellywink owner Erin (she/her) to learn some ways to give our gifted brains what they need to have focused, satisfying sex, whether alone or with a partner.  Register here