Let's talk about sex, bb!

Jellywink SexEd workshops aim to empower you to take your pleasure and wellness into your own hands. Jellywink staff and other subject experts will guide you through a variety of topics within the big, juicy, wonderful world of sexual wellness! 

A ticket always includes a $5 store credit, valid for one week from date of workshop! Please register to attend.

Upcoming Workshops  


Sunday March 12 6-7 pm

Butt Stuff 101 

Join Jellywink owner & certified sex coach Erin Voss (she/her) for an inclusive online intro to anal play for curious folks of all genders and learn how to safely & confidently explore anal pleasure, whether solo or with a partner. 

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Monday May 1, 5:30-6:30 pm

Getting to Know Your Pelvic Floor

During this online workshop, Lyndi Rivers C-IAYT (she/her) will review basic anatomy of the pelvis, three layers of the pelvic floor musculature and its key functions. She will discuss how the breath contributes to the health of the pelvic floor and common muscular challenges. Whether you have experienced leaking when laughing or sneezing; frequent urination; pregnancy; childbirth; fibroids; pelvic pain; surgical intervention; menopause; prolapse; low back, hip, or groin challenges, prostrate pain, or discomfort during sex, this workshop will provide a support environment to create a mindful and more pleasurable relationship with your pelvis.

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Sunday May 7, 1-2 pm

To Kegel or Not to Kegel

The pelvic floor needs to have full range of movement in order to be flexible, strong, and supple, and to do the functions it is designed to do. Many people Kegel (a form of pelvic floor contraction) incorrectly, which at best is ineffective and at worse could actually create pelvic floor challenges. Join Lyndi Rivers to learn how to lengthen, relax, and contract your pelvic floor in a way that allows it function optimally to create more ease, confidence, and pleasure in your life.

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