Aslan Cumfy Cuffs
A small pink anal plug with a flat flared based that is longer in the front than the back. Has a magnetic charging connection on the bottom of the base. A black remote control with 5 buttons.


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At Jellywink we help sex-positive & curious folks of all genders take their pleasure into their own hands with body-safe toys, books & classes, in a stigma-free environment. Need help choosing a product? Come in for advice or drop us a line! Se habla espaΓ±ol.


I love Jellywink. I went in when I started transitioning, I looked nothing like a man at the time, but they affirmed me very much and used my pronouns. I also brought my wife, who is also transgender, a few weeks ago. They let her use the changing room to change in and out of her dress and allowed us to just be there so she could get used to being out and about as herself. They were very kind to her and affirming.

Andrew from Yelp

Jellywink is legit the most open and friendly establishment of this kind I have ever stepped foot in. Being non-binary and having dealt with a lifetime of being uncomfortable with the body I have, I was so so so grateful to find an establishment as top notch as Jellywink.

Valerie from Yelp

Just stopped by with my friend after hearing great things about the boutique. Was not disappointed!!! Erin was super friendly and helpful, and although I would normally be uncomfortable in that setting, she made us feel welcome and safe. Would highly recommend!

Brandi from Yelp

Welcoming and knowledgeable staff, sensitive to so many needs. Fabulous and thoughtful selection. Hooray for Jellywink!

Sibel from Google

The employees are all so knowledgeable and friendly, and the products are great quality and inexpensive! 10/10

Ari from Google