Locked in Lust - The Vice Plus - Pink
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Locked in Lust - The Vice Plus - Pink

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Commonly compared with the Holytrainer, The Vice Plus outperforms the Holytrainer in both comfort and security. Not only do you receive multiple sizes with every device you order (see sizing below), but you also have the piece of mind of a truly secure device you will not get out of, backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. The sizing allows you to customize your penis cage to your anatomy, giving you the maximum comfort and security. Also allowing you to have a sizing kit in one purchase, without having to pay for every trial and error discovering your size. These are just a few reasons men in chastity prefer The Vice Plus over the Holytrainer.

So if you are looking for penis chastity that offers uncompromising security with enough room to grow, The Vice Plus is the last penis cage you will ever need.

Plus Cage (1)
Rings (4)
Anti-Pullout (3)
Anti-Pullout Cap (1)
Spacers (4)
Locking Pins (4)
Brass Pad Lock (1)
Velvet Carrying Case (1)

Product Dimensions:

Length  90 mm (3.5 inches)
Width - 36 mm (1.4 inches)

Small -40 mm
Medium - 44 mm
Large - 46.5 mm
X-Large- 48.5 mm

Anti-Pullout Gap
Small - 17 mm
Medium - 19 mm
Large - 21 mm
Pullout Cap - Wear the device without any anti-pullout

Locking Pin/Spacers (distance of ring from cage)
Small - 6.5 mm
Medium - 10 mm
Large - 13 mm
X-Large - 15 mm