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Trust Dental Dams are a thin, stretchy sheet of latex that provides a barrier between one's mouth and another person's body during cunnilingus (eating pussy) or analingus (eating ass), to reduce the risk of transmission of STI's (sexually-transmitted infections), or simply to mask the taste of genitals/ass if you're feeling squeamish about it.

How to use: unfold the sheet, lube up your partner's vulva or anus, lay the dam on the area and work it into all the nooks and crannies, and proceed to give them oral over the dam :)

Latex sensitivity? Purchase a pack of Lifestyles SKYN (non-latex polyisoprene) condoms (available in the Barriers category), cut the head of the condom off, then cut along the side of the condom to open it up into a sheet and follow the directions for using a dental dam.