Return Policy + FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your return policy?

For health and hygiene reasons, we only accept returns of unopened (sealed) products within one week of purchase for store credit, to be used within one week of the return. If you can’t get your new toy to work, please follow our troubleshooting guide below before attempting to return it. If it’s defective, it can be returned for store credit within one week of purchase, after being washed and sanitized. If that week has lapsed, please refer to the manufacturer warranty on the product’s box/instruction manual.

Sale items are final sale, no returns or exchanges.

Finding the right toy for your unique body and tastes can be a bit of a journey. We recommend reading the description thoroughly, comparing it to the descriptions of other toys, and reading reviews from trusted online reviewers, like Hey EpiphoraSuper Smash Cache, and The Big Gay Review. If you’re local, come into the shop so you can touch and feel the toys and ask us all the questions before you commit.


My toy won't turn on/off! Halp!


  1. Read the instructions that came with your toy. If you were too horny to think clearly and threw the box away (we’ve all done it), go to the toy manufacturer’s website and check their FAQ page.
  2. Battery-operated toys: make sure you’ve correctly inserted the right type and quantity of batteries. If it came with batteries already inside, open the cover and remove the film between the battery and the contact (this is there to prevent it from turning on/draining before sale).
  3. Rechargeable toys: make sure it’s fully charged before first use. Some toys will light up solid while charging and the light will turn off when done charging; some will flash and then go solid; some will be solid or flash and then turn off. (The instructions should let you know what yours will do.)
  4. Many/most rechargeable toys do not work when plugged in, so charge it fully, unplug it, and have at it!
  5. Every toy operates a bit differently, and it’s a matter of getting the hang of it, just like when you drive a new car – same general parts, different buttons and placement. 
  6. Just one button: try clicking once. If it doesn’t turn on, try holding it down for a few seconds to turn on, short click to skip to the next setting, long hold to turn off. 
  7. + – buttons: hold the + button for a few seconds to turn on. Hold the – button for a few seconds to turn off. If there’s a third/middle button that changes the pattern, this can also be the on/off button.
  8. Remote-controlled toys: make sure both the toy and remote are fully charged if rechargeable, or have the correct type and quantity of fresh batteries in them if battery-operated. Turn on the toy, then turn on the remote to pair.


What kind of lube should I use?

Contrary to some of our ex’s beliefs, spit is not lube. There’s a lotta lube in the world and the options can seem overwhelming, but here’s the knowledge you need to make your lube shopping smooth, slippery sailing!

The purpose of lube, AKA personal lubricants, is to create a slippery barrier between surfaces (toy+body, body+body) and/or to provide moisture to delicate vulvovaginal or anorectal tissue that isn’t producing its own. Lube is also an important ingredient in safer sex, as it reduces friction and the chance of condoms breaking or skin tearing, and can increase sensation for everybody, during all kinds of sex – penetrative (inside) or non-penetrative (outside), by yourself or with a partner, with toys or without.
The main types of lube are: water-based, silicone-based, hybrid, and oil-based.

We’re starting here because we like to do bad news first: we’re not big fans of oil-based lube. [Reader clutches jar of coconut oil firmly to bosom, “You’ll have to pry this jar from my cold, dead, slippery af hands”]. Look, if you’ve been using coconut oil in your vagina and you haven’t had any issues with yeast or bacterial vaginosis, awesome! You know your body and we’re not here to shame you or your coco-coochie, but before you continue using it, please note:

Do not use oil with latex or polyisoprene condoms! Oil can cause them to break, which can expose you to an STI and/or unwanted pregnancy. Oils are also not ideal for use in vaginas and anuses, because it can trap bacteria and cause some serious infections in there. And then there’s the less dramatic but still annoying downside of oil-stained sheets and having to triple-wash sex toys to get the oil off.

So, if you use latex barriers (most condoms & dental dams), or polyisoprene condoms, such as Lifestyles SKYN® and Durex Avanti™, save that delicious coconut oil for your hair and baking, and read on to find a safe, slick alternative for doin’ it. If you rely on condoms but can’t live without that coco, consider switching to polyurethane (PU) condoms, such as Trojan Supra. PU condoms are safe to use with any lube, including oil-based.

We recommend saving the oil, like organic coconut oil-based Sliquid Soul, for (external) body massage, hand/blow jobs, and penis masturbation. See? We’re not totally anti-oil!

Water-based lubes are safe to use with all types of condoms and sex toys, externally, vaginally and anally. Water-based lubes do tend to dry faster silicone-based lubes though, so you may need to reapply while you play. Not all water-based lubes are alike – we especially like SliquidWicked Simply Aqua, and Good Clean Love, since they’re free of petrochemicals, glycerin*, parabens, and other harsh ingredients.

*Glycerin, like oil, can trap bacteria and increase chances of yeast or bacterial infection in some vaginas. Others don’t have any problems with it. If you get yeast infections somewhat frequently, avoid lubes with glycerin.

Pro tip: after you’ve reapplied once, rather than adding more lube, just add a bit of water – this will rehydrate the ingredients that are still on you, rather than using up all your precious lube and making for an even stickier situation.

Of the three main types of lube, silicone provides the best, longest-lasting glide. This makes it particularly good for anal sex and penis masturbation since it’s very slick and doesn’t need to be reapplied often. While it’s super slippery like an oil, silicone lube is typically hypoallergenic so it’s less likely to cause irritation or infection in the event of micro-tears during penetrative sex. It’s also safe to use with any type of barrier (condom, dental dam, glove), but it should not be used on silicone toys, as it will damage them.

Silicone is also waterproof so it’s great for shower sex. Just be careful not to slip!

We love Intimate Earth Ease Relaxing Anal Glide for penetrative booty play, and Überlube for an all-around great silicone lube that doesn’t feel greasy.

Pro tip: if you want to use silicone lube with a silicone toy – which many people do with anal play – put a condom on it! For slim toys like anal beads, try a “slim” or “snug” condom for a better fit. Check out Lifestyles Snug or RFSU Tight condoms.

The best of both worlds! We carry several hybrid lubes that are essentially a water-based lube with some silicone blended in. They offer a superior, longer-lasting glide than regular water-based lube, but wash off easily like water-based, and are safe to use on most silicone toys. (We recommend you do a patch test before slathering on and plunging in – put a dab on the base or back of the toy, leave for a couple of hours, rinse and dry, and then rub the spot with your finger – if the texture has changed, don’t use that lube on that toy!) We’re fans of Wicked Simply Hybrid and Sliquid Silk.

Flavored lube can be a fun addition to oral sex. We carry water-based, sugar-free flavored lubes to keep you safe while you play – sugar is food for yeast, so keep it away from your vag and tip of penis! Sliquid Swirls Tangerine Peach & Strawberry Pomegranate are customer favorites.

All of the above-mentioned lubes enhance sensation by providing glide between your body and your toy or partner’s body. For folks seeking a little extra umph, we carry several lubes and gels/serums that increase sensitivity in your fav erogenous zones, e.g. clit, nipples, head of penis, perineum, g-spot. These lubes create tingly, cooling and/or warming sensations that stimulate blood flow, making your parts more sensitive. We love Sliquid O Gel and ON Arousal Oil.

What's the best lube for anal play?

Since the anus/rectum do not produce much lubrication (especially if you practice anal douching) its very important to use plenty of high quality lube. Silicone-based lubes are popular for anal play because of silicone’s superior and long-lasting glide. Silicone doesn’t contain any water so it doesn’t dry out like water-based lubes can. We recommend Intimate Earth Ease Silicone Anal Glide, Überlube, or Sliquid Spark. 

Silicone lubes can stain sheets/clothes, be difficult to wash off, and damage silicone toys, so some folks prefer water-based lubes. If you’re going for water-based, we recommend a viscous (thicker) option such as Good Clean Love Almost Naked or Sliquid Sassy

For the best of both worlds, go for a hybrid lube – a water base with some silicone blended in. You get the better glide and longer last of silicone, without the greasiness and without damaging most silicone toys. We recommend Wicked Simply Hybrid, Wicked Simply Hybrid Jelle, or Sliquid Silk.

How do I clean my toy?

Most toys can be easily cleaned by rinsing with warm water, lathering up with your favorite toy cleaner, such as Green Tea Tree Oil Foaming Toy Cleaner, or mild soap and water, and rinsing clean. If your toy is not water resistant, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care, but wiping with a damp cloth followed by an alcohol wipe is one option. 

If you are sharing a toy with partners, are using a toy both vaginally and anally, or if a toy has been exposed to an STI or other infection, you should wash with toy cleaner or soap and water and then disinfect it with a bleach solution or by boiling it before using again (only glass, steel, and 100% silicone toys that don’t contain motors or parts made of other materials). 

Toys made of soft, non-silicone (like “jelly”) materials are porous and cannot be sterilized – we strongly recommend using a condom over these types of toys for this reason.

Can I boil my sex toys?

Glass, steel, and 100% silicone toys that don’t contain motors or parts made of other materials can be disinfected by washing with soap and water and then boiling for 3-5 minutes, which makes them safe to share with someone else once they’ve been disinfected. If your toy is motorized, DO NOT BOIL IT. You will murder it and all the orgasms it could have given you. Instead, if your motorized toy is made of 100% silicone or a non-porous hard plastic, wash it with soap and water and disinfect with a bleach solution if needed.
Note: unless you are sharing toys with partners, are using a toy both vaginally and anally, or if a toy has been exposed to an STI or other infection, there’s really no need to boil or bleach your toys. Toy cleaner or soap and water after each use is just fine. 

Pro tip: if you use the same toy anally and vaginally, put a condom on it for anal use to keep it safe & clean!

How/where should I store my sex toys?

Well, first of all, out of reach of your pets! We regularly have customers needing to replace a charger or toy because they left it on the bed or nightstand and a curious pooch or kitty decided it was a toy for them. Consider keeping them in a travel makeup carrier, large zipper bag, tool box, suitcase (#toycollectiongoals) or other container it/they will fit in and that works for the level of organization, protection, and privacy you need. 

Some toy materials can damage the surface of other toys, so keep each one in it’s one in its own bag or case. We sell some lovely toy bags and cases to store your babies in, but in a pinch, a nylon dress sock/stocking will do. Take care of your toys and they will take care of you! 💖

Can I share my sex toys?

See notes about boiling sex toys and what to do with your old sex toy.

What should I do with my old sex toys?

Glass, steel, and 100% silicone toys that don’t contain motors or parts made of other materials can be disinfected by washing with soap and water and then boiling for 3-5 minutes, which makes them safe to share with someone else once they’ve been sanitized. If your toy is motorized and is made of 100% silicone or a non-porous hard plastic, you can wash with soap and water and disinfect with a bleach solution. Consider paying those orgasms forward and gifting your old, sanitized toy friend to a fellow sex-positive human friend (with their consent). 

If your toy is electronic and no longer works, make sure you’ve checked to see if it’s still under warranty from the manufacturer (not Jellywink) before tossing it. Toys made of soft, non-silicone (like “jelly”) materials are porous and cannot be sterilized so when you no longer use it, it should be thrown away.