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The SHAREVIBE is a wearable, vibrating double dildo that lets you and your partner get very, very close. Its shorter bulb is designed for G-spot massage and a feeling of deep fullness for the wearer; just lube it up, slip it in, and do your thang. Te ridge at the base rests against the clit, giving you friction and vibration exactly where you want it. Meanwhile, the receiver gets a smooth, slim shaft with a gentle curve that makes G-spot or prostate play a cinch.

You can. For greater control and the ability to try more positions, though, we recommend pairing it with a harness. As with any toy of this kind, some people have super strong pelvic floor muscles that can hold it in with no assistance, and many people don’t. Some people also find that when they’re turned on and they get lubricated, the SHAREVIBE can slip out without some extra support. Any and all of these things are okay! If you don’t want to use a harness, you can always use a hand to assist when you want to try out a more athletic position.

Includes a removeable, rechargeable, waterproof bullet vibrator with 5 powerful settings that you can use alone or inside the Sharevibe.