Great Sex For Moms

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In Great Sex for Moms Dr. Raskin brings the problem out into the open- at last. From her fifteen years as a psychiatrist she knows that mothers silently rationalize that sex will return "after the baby sleeps through the night," then "when the children start having sleepovers," and then "once the kids go to college." And she believes that eighteen years is an awfully long time to wait.

Dr. Raskin reveals the reasons that women's bodies and minds betray them, resulting in a sleepy libido. The great news is that it's easier than you might think to wake it up. Insisting that a healthy parental sex life is in the children's best interests, Dr. Raskin shows you how to:

-Overcome the feeling that you're the only one in America with a boring sex life
-Leave your mother persona at the bedroom door to rescue your sexual self
-Banish the inner censor and talk about sex with your partner
-Stop frenzied, on-demand mothering so you can nourish your libido